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General Information for Incoming Exchange Students (detailed)

The detailed information shown below can also be downloaded as a document here:
ASFA Incoming Exchange procedures (detailed)



All students interested in studying as Erasmus students at the Athens School of Fine Arts need to follow these steps:

  • Confirm that their home University has a valid exchange agreement with the Athens School of Fine Arts. ASFA will only consider applications that are sent by partner universities.
  • Be officially nominated by their home institution. ASFA will not consider any direct application by students. Information on the nomination procedure is sent by our Erasmus office to all partners twice a year, at the opening of each nomination call.
  • Follow carefully the instructions on the rest of the application procedure as these will be given to them by the Erasmus office of their Institution.

To complete their application procedure students will have to send the requested documents by email to the ASFA Erasmus Office no later than:

  • May 31st for students wishing to study for the first semester (mid-October until mid-February) or the whole year
  • November 1st for the second semester (mid-February until end of June)

Application documents include:

  • A CV
  • A motivation letter listing the intentions and purposes of their mobility
  • A portfolio of some personal artistic work that they deem as important
  • A certificate proving knowledge of the English or Greek language of at least B2 level (according to the descriptions of the CEFR – Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)

All documents need to be in digital format (pdf, A4) and in English. Any document that has been filled in by hand will not be accepted.

Please note that a nomination and application does not mean automatic acceptance. Professors will review applications, and students will be accepted mainly depending on portfolio quality. In certain core and elective studios, space may be limited and student applications may be declined for this reason. Students will be informed whether their application has been accepted or rejected within one month after expiration of the application deadline.


International students must complete up to 30 ECTS per semester (60 for the whole academic year), depending on the demands of their sending institution.

The program of studies for international students consists of the following possibilities:

Core studio – 18 ECTS (this is the basic artistic direction; students choose one)

  • Painting (13 different studios
  • Sculpture (3 different studios)
  • Printmaking (2 different studios)

Note: the assignment in specific studios is suggested by the evaluation committee based on the students’ portfolio. The students have the right to change at the beginning of the semester. Instructions are given during our Orientation Day (see below, paragraph Enrollment)

Elective Studios – 6 ECTS each (students choose up to two):

  • Elements of Printmaking (Relief printing, Intaglio printing or Lithography, Serigraphy)
  • Fresco and Icon Painting
  • Mosaic
  • Stage Design
  • Photography
  • Multimedia
  • Graphic Arts – Book printing and art
  • Video Art
  • 3D design
  • Art and Techniques of Marble sculpture
  • Ceramics
  • Performance
  • Bronze casting and plaster techniques (for sculptors only)

Important note: Most elective studios have very limited space, and it cannot be guaranteed that all students will be accepted in their studio of first choice. It is therefore highly recommended that students keep one or two alternative options in mind, in case a placement in their studio of first choice cannot be granted.

Theory Courses

One theoretical course under the general title Culture in Context (7 ECTS) is offered per semester in English by our Department of Art Theory and History. Furthermore, the Visual Arts Department usually offers at least one more theoretical course in English, but since course content may vary from semester to semester, the specific courses that are each time available are sent to the students as separate attachments to their acceptance email.

The ECTS also may vary, depending on the workload and is given along with course description.

Learning Agreement

Erasmus students who receive an acceptance email must prepare their Learning Agreement in due time, according to the instructions given, by defining their choices as per the above mentioned program of studies. As per EU rules for the Erasmus+ 2021-2027, all Learning Agreements must be managed online, by using the Online Learning Agreement Platform or an equivalent system connected to the Erasmus Without Paper Network.

Evaluation and Transcript of Records

At the end of each semester, during the exam period, all students must present their work to their supervising professors. Following evaluation, a Transcript of Records will be issued digitally by the Erasmus office and sent to the Home Institution of each student.


All procedures regarding the students’ enrollment at ASFA are now done digitally, so there is no specific need for Erasmus students to report to ASFA’s Erasmus Office upon arrival. All instructions and relevant procedures will be sent to them via email.

Students are of course welcome to drop by if they have a specific request or concern (see end of document for location and contact details).

For the general information and orientation of students a Welcome Event is organized at the beginning of each semester. Relevant details are sent to the students’ email. During this event, students are informed on their supervising professors, according to their selected courses. The possibility to change courses after enrollment exists within the first two weeks after semester start, provided that there is available space in the new studio of choice and the Professor in charge of the new studio accepts the change. Relevant arrangements are made directly between the students and the teaching staff, but the Erasmus office must also be notified promptly of any change, in order to update the Learning Agreement and avoid issues with ECTS acknowledgement at the end of the mobility.

Very important note and disclaimer: it is of crucial importance that students check their personal emails (the ones they declared on their application forms) very regularly, because this is how the Erasmus Administration (and a lot of the teaching staff) keep contact with them. Important notes, instructions, reminders etc. will be sent to those emails and actions will need to be taken via email. The Administration Office does not bear any responsibility, should students miss something because they failed to check their emails.


ASFA does not provide residence accommodation. Erasmus students should find accommodation on their own. From time to time our office gets informed on flats to rent in the nearby area, therefore ask us a question, there’s nothing to lose! For visa matters, please contact the relevant embassies.

ASFA holds a restaurant in its premises in Peiraios street, where Erasmus students can have breakfast, lunch and dinner at a reduced price (currently 2,50€ per day for any or all three meals).

ASFA provides Erasmus students with a student academic ID, which offers reduction in public transport and entrances to museums. The registration/application is made online and relevant instructions are sent to the students from the Erasmus office by email.

Erasmus students can also profit from the services of the ASFA Library in the Peiraios premises. Students can borrow books, provided that they return them in due time before their departure.

ASFA runs seven Annexes. These are artistic stations in different parts of Greece, which are used by the School as special educational centers. Their operation aims at providing students with additional and specialized training, conducting special workshops in cooperation and mutual exchange with Greek students and art centers, assisting students in the preparation of their projects, as well as hosting seminars, exhibitions, lectures, screenings, and other cultural events having a positive impact at regional, national and EU level. To book a stay in any of the Annexes, Erasmus students should ask for their supervising professor’s permit who must sign the application form for annexes; this form must then be sent via email to the relevant Department. Further details on contact persons and booking procedures are provided by the Erasmus office of ASFA.


Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator
Mrs. Vasiliki (Vicky) Betsou, Assistant Professor – Visual Arts Dpt, email:

Erasmus+ Departmental Coordinator (Dpt of Visual Arts)
Mr. Polydoros Karyofyllis (Poka-Yio), Associate Professor, email:

Erasmus+ Departmental Coordinator (Dpt of Theory and History of Art)
Mrs.Eleonora Vratskidou, Assistant Professor, email:

Administrative Officer for Incoming Mobility:

Mr. Lucas Vokorokos, email:

Tel.: (+30) 210 38 97 169

ASFA Premises:

  • Administration (incl. the Erasmus office): 42, Patission Ave.(historical building dating back to the 19th century, within the premises of the National Technical University of Athens (Polytechneio). Nearest Metro stop: Omonia square, Metro Lines 1 and 2, approx. 10 min. walk to ASFA.
  • Main School Premises (Studios, Offices of the Teaching Staff, Library, Restaurant, Cinema, Theater, Exhibition Hall etc.): 256, Peiraios (Pireos) Ave., area Agios Ioannis Rentis. Nearest Metro Stop: Kallithea, Metro Line 1, approx. 10 min. walk to ASFA.

Erasmus Office visiting hours:

  • Main Office – Administration building: Mon-Tue-Thu-Fri, 10.00-13.00. Book your appointment in advance by email or telephone (see above for contact details of the administrative officer).
  • Erasmus Office Helpdesk in the Main School premises: Wednesdays, visiting hours 10-3. Appointment not necessary. Your administrative contact person is available in the Main School one day per week so as to facilitate the person-to-person contact with the students. We call it “The Erasmus Helpdesk” and its exact location is shown to the students during the Welcome Event.

General Information for Incoming Exchange Students (short version)

A more compact form of the absolutely necessary information for students who wish to apply for a mobility exchange to ASFA can be found in the document: Fact Sheet for Incoming Students 2023.

A careful reading of the detailed information is at any case necessary.

News and announcements for Incoming Exchange Students

No current news or announcements.

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