Faculty and Teaching Staff


Nikos Daskalothanassis Modern and Contemporary Art History

Ada Dialla Modern European History

Sophia Denissi Literary History and Criticism

Associate Professors:

Fay Zika Philosophy and Theory of Art

Kostas Ioannidis Art Theory and Criticism 

Assistant Professors:

Eleonora Vratskidou History of Modern Greek Art

Irene Gerogianni Contemporary Art History

Assimina Kaniari History of Modern European Art from Neoclassicism to the late 19th Century Artistic Movements

Kallirroe Linardou History of Byzantine and Medieval Art

Nafsika Litsardopoulou Early Modern Art History from the Renaissance to the Baroque

Special Teaching Staff:

Maria Vara Foreign Language (English) and Art Terminology

Laboratory Teaching Staff:

Barbara Roussou Language and Literature

Maria Chatzi Legal Civilization

Adjunct Faculty:

Press here [translation pending].

Visiting Professors:

Yanni Kotsonis, Professor of History, New York University (Academic Year 2020-21, Fulbright Scholar Program)

Emeriti Professors:

Niki Louizidi Professor of Art History

Nafsika Panselinou-Koubaraki Professor of Art History

Aikaterini Salla Professor of Art Education

Andreas Ioannidis Professor of Art History

Panagiotis Poulos Professor of Philosophy and Aesthetics

Andreas Giakoumakatos Professor of Architectural History, Critical Analysis and Theory

Honorary Doctorates:

Wieland Schmied, Art Historian (November 2006)
Alexander Nehamas, Professor of Philosophy, Comparative Literature and Humanities, Princeton University (January 2011)

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