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(Article 215 of law 4957/2022/FEK 141/A)

1. In every Higher Education Institution (A.E.I.) there consists an administrative structure, its level and bureaucratic formation being defined in the Institutions’ organization under the name “Quality Assurance Unit” (Q.A.U.) or MO.DI.P. in Greek. MO.DI.P. is functionally independent from the rest of the institutional units and is supervised by the dean or the vice dean in charge, to whom the relevant responsibility has been assigned.

The mission of MO.DI.P. is the constant improvement of the quality of the academic and research work of the Institution as well as its effective function and services according to the international practices, especially those of the European Higher Education Area and the directions of the Hellenic Authority of Higher Education (H.A.H.E.) or ETH.A.A.E. in Greek. MO.DI.P. is internally structured by: a) the Quality Assurance Committee and b) the Quality Assurance Service.

2. The Quality Assurance Committee is put together as dictated by the Senate and consists of: a) the institutions’ dean or the vice dean in charge, b) five (5) members of the Teaching and Research Faculty Staff (D.E.P.) of the institution, having the rank of Professor or Associate Professor, c) one (1) representative from every level of Laboratory Teaching Staff (E.DI.P.), Special Teaching Staff (E.E.P.) or Technical Laboratory Staff (E.T.E.P.) of the institution, d) one (1) representative of the undergraduate students, e) one (1) representative of the postgraduate students and of Phd students, and f) one (1) representative of Visiting Professors, temporary teaching staff, Visiting Researchers and Researchers by assignment who are part of the faculty of the institution. The Committee’s tenure is five years. Representatives e) to f) are appointed on a yearly basis and have the right to vote on topics relevant to their status.  The Head of MO.DI.P. as well as the executive director of the University participate to the Committee’s meetings without the right to vote.

3. The Committee’s responsibilities are: a) to draft a proposal for the structure and function of the Internal Quality Assurance System (I.Q.A.S.) or E.S.D.P. in Greek, and to submit it to the Senate to be approved and published in the Official Government Gazette, b) to develop policies and strategies to ensure and improve the quality of all kind of teaching, research and administrative work provided by the university and especially the quality of ba) the curriculum of the first, second and third cycles including the foreign language speaking curricula, bb)  the curriculum of lifelong learning studies and in general the quality of the Centre for Education and Lifelong Learning (KEDIBIM in Greek) of the university, bc) the individual academic units of the university, its Schools, Faculties and Sectors, bd) the quality of the Special Account for Research Funds of the university as well as of the University Centre for Research and Innovation (PA.K.E.K. in Greek) and of its Research Institutes, be) the quality of the individual academic or research units such as university clinics, university museums and university laboratories including the services provided by those, bf) the quality of the administrative services of the university, c) to update the I.Q.A.S. at least every five (5) years with the goal to constantly improve it according to the latest developments in the European Higher Education Area, the international practices and the instructions of the H.A.H.E. , d) to draft a Quality Assurance Manual for the I.Q.A.S. and to submit it for approval to the Senate of the University, e) to regularly evaluate and reflect on the I.Q.A.S., f) to collaborate with the H.A.H.E. in order to ensure the implementation of its directives and guidelines in the framework of its responsibilities, g) to exercise any other responsibility entrusted to the Quality Assurance Committee by the Internal Operating Rules of the university.

4. The Quality Assurance Service is staffed with the university’s administrative staff and is headed by an employee of the university, belonging to a specialty or section defined by the university’s organization. Effectively, its responsibilities are: a) to execute decisions and provide administrative support to the Quality Assurance Committee, b) to submit proposals to the Committee and to prepare supporting materials for relevant decision-making, c) to collaborate with the H.A.H.E. and to support the procedures of internal and external evaluation and accreditation of the A.E.I., of its separate academic and research units and of its curriculum of first, second and third cycle including its foreign language curricula and its lifelong learning programs according to law 4653/2020 (A’ 12), d) to develop, monitor and manage the I.Q.A.S. of the A.E.I. and especially to complete internal evaluation according to the quality manual of the I.Q.A.S., e) to coordinate and support the processes of the A.E.I. and its separate units during the application of quality assurance, f) to collect and process elements from all the academic and research units as well as the administrative services of A.E.I. concerning the implementation of quality control on the totality of the activities of the university, g) to publicize on the institutions’ website the data regarding the university’s accreditation and the internal and external evaluation of the university and its separate units, h) to be responsible for filling the data for the indicators in the framework of the drafting of the annual achievements report for the administering of the annual regular funding of the A.E.I. according to article 16 of law 4653/2020, i) to be responsible for the update of the information system of MO.DI.P. as well as of the Integrated National Quality Information System (I.N.Q.I.S. –  in Greek OPESP) of ETHAEE with the institutions quality data and the developing of interoperability in this, j) to exercise any other authority as defined in the AEI’s Organization and related with the objectives of MO.DI.P.

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