MA in Digital Arts


The MA in Digital Arts founded in 1998, was the first MA program of Athens School of Fine Arts and the Visual Arts Department.

The MA in Digital Arts promotes and supports specialization in research, experimentation and artistic creation in the field of contemporary artistic practices through the use of digital and extended media: time-based, moving image, Sound, Interactive media and installations, 3D design and navigatable spaces, VR, AR, Algorythmic applications in art – AI etc, in combination with the systematic theoretical deepening in a range of cognitive fields and objects related to the nature and character of these artistic practices, aiming to their artistic appropriation and experimentation in the intersecting field of Art and Technology .
It aims to the educational specialization of young artists and researchers regarding the new, extended forms and the new means of artistic expression in the constantly changing Media and Digital era and Culture.
The above interdisciplinary character and structure of the MA program in Digital Arts, is dictated by the very nature and rapid progress of the new technological means and theory, in conjunction with the extended and interdisciplinary  forms of artistic expression and research that emerge in the intersection between Contemporary New Media Art and Technology and aims to the orientation of the MA students in the Digital era.

Open call for new applications is announced every two years. Next call will be on June 2024




Teaching staff:

George Harvalias, Professor ASFA, Principal of the MA program

Nikos Tranos, Professor ASFA

Ioannis Melanitis, Associate porfessor ASFA

Vicky Betsou, Assistant professor ASFA

Nikos Arvanitis, Assistant professor ASFA

Taxiarchis Diamandopoulos, Special teaching stuff ASFA

CV ,

Dionyssios Kavvathas, Philosophy and Aesthetics of Media


Aggelos Floros, Architect, Assistant professor of Ionian University


Thanassis Rentzis, Cinema Director

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Περιγράμματα Μαθημάτων>>

Dimitris Agathopoulos, New media artist

Maria Mamalinga, Special technical stuff

responsible for organizing the cinematic projections

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