This research project is co-financed by E.U.-European Social Fund (75%) and the Greek Ministry of Education (25%).


Women's literary and artistic activity in Greek literary and Art periodicals: 1900-1940

Women's literary and artistic activity in Greece has drawn the interest of researchers in the last two decades, but it is still far from reaching the extent of international research on the subject. Most studies on Greek women writers and artists have focused on the last two decades of the 19th century, since it is during this period that the feminist movement first appeared.

This interdisciplinary research project focuses on a period (1900-1940) which has rarely been explored in relation to women's literary and artistic activity in the periodicals of the time. It is during this period however that Greek women passed from the private sphere, where they engaged in the arts and writing as amateurs, to the public sphere, where they were accepted as professional artists or writers.

The project objectives were:
  • The recording of women's literary and artistic activity found in 130 Greek literary and art periodicals published between 1900 and 1940. Research focused on the most important among the numerous magazines of the period published not only in Greek cities, but also in the large centers of the Greek Diaspora (Constantinople, Smyrna, Alexandria etc.)
  • a database of the research findings, including photographs of all the works of art and artifacts recorded. 16,000 entries have been recorded in an electronic database.The material has been systematically sorted in electronic form.
  • A Colloquium presenting aspects of our research, held on the 9-10th of October 2007 at Athens School of Fine Arts. The proceedings were published in a book form by the Gutenberg Publishing House in 2008
The data gathered concern/ the project documented:
  • Literary texts by women (poetry, prose fiction, drama, children's literature)
  • Reproductions of works of art and artifacts by Greek women. All reproductions were photographed and included in the database.
  • literary and art criticism written for and by Greek women,
  • scientific, social and other articles written by Greek women
  • Biographies written by and about Greek women artists and writers
  • Translations of literary texts, criticism and articles by Greek women
  • articles and short commentaries on women writers and artists, interviews, exhibition announcements.
This project, once completed, will prove to be hopefully a useful tool for researchers of Women's and Gender Studies in Greece.

Research Coordinator:
Dr. Sophia Denissi (Assistant Professor in Literary History and Criticism, Athens School of Fine Arts)
Team Research fellows :
Dr. Persa Apostoli, Modern Greek Literature
Dr. Elena Hamalidi, Art History
Dr. Maria Nikolopoulou, Modern Greek Literature
Dr Nina Paleou, Modern Greek Literature scholar
Dr. Vicky Sarakatsianou, Art history
Other Staff:
Amanda Mavrogianni, project database manager (MA, digital arts).
Giota Karapli, photographer.