Dr. Sophia Denissi

Sophia Denissi is Assistant Professor in Literary History and Criticism at the department of Theory and History of Art of Athens School of Fine Arts. She teaches European literature as well as courses in art and literature. She is a graduate of the English department of Athens University (BA, Ph.D.) and the University of Massachusetts in Amherst (M.A.). She has published on a wide range of nineteenth-century topics, including the novel and the short-story, fiction in translation, romantic journalism, autobiography, children’s literature as well as women's writing.Her publications include: Academic Reading Skills, Athens: Hellenic Publishing, 1987; Sir Walter Scott and the Greek Historical Novel 1830-1880, Athens: Kastaniotis Publishing, 1994; Novels and short-stories in translation (1830-1880), Athens: Periplous Publishing, 1995. She was the editor of the following publications: Identity and Alterity in Literature, 18th-20th c.( together with Eleni Politou-Marmarinou) (2000), Women's Artistic and Literary Activity in Literary and Art Periodicals:1900-1940, Athens: Gutenberg Publishing, 2008 and The Short-story in Greek and Foreign Literature, (together with Eleni Politou-Marmarinou) Athens: Gutenberg Publishing, 2009. Her current project involves Greek women's writing in the years of Greek Enlightenment to the end of Romanticism (1770-1880). She is also a researcher having collaborated with the National Institute of Research and the Institute of Mediterranean Studies in Crete. Her research work has focused on nineteenth-century Greek novel and short fiction, late eighteenth to late nineteenth-century Greek women writers. Her current research project investigates Greek women's literary and artistic activity in periodicals of the first forty years of the twentieth century.