The Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA) has legal ownership of the theatre hall, which is located in the building complex at 256 Piraeus street (basement, building D). The Senate, with its decision dated 21.2.2012, assigned a Three-member Management Committee for the utilisation of the ASFA Theatre Stage, the members of which are responsible for submitting proposals for using the theatre stage space, as well as submitting studies regarding the use of the theatre stage in accordance with the decisions of the competent collective ASFA bodies.

The main purpose of using the ASFA theatrical stage is, on the one hand, to support educational training and, on the other hand, to promote it as a modern space of fruitful cooperation, artistic creation and expression, by implementing model artistic activities and events open to society. Particular emphasis shall be given on promoting and supporting new creators (visual artists, actors, directors, dancers, musicians, choreographers, set designers, costume designers, writers, translators, etc.).

The ASFA theatre stage may house various cultural events such as theatre plays, dance and music shows, exhibitions, symposia, one-day workshops, lectures, seminars, book presentations, festivals, art workshops etc. in the context of coexisting Arts.

The Thee-member Committee is responsible for the Utilisation of the ASFA Theatre Stage and is made up by Ioannis Skaltsas- Associate Professor - Chairman, Euthalia Pezanou- Associate Professor - Member and Vasileios Vlastaras- Associate Professor-Member.


The ASFA theatre stage may be made available following the submission of an application by the interested party to the General Protocol of the ASFA. The application may be approved or rejected by the aforementioned Three-member Committee, which decides based on the interests of the School.


The space of the theatre stage has been redesigned and has appropriate infrastructure; it is equipped with modern technological equipment and there is a fire safety and ventilation installation. The space consists of the following:


Stage: The theatre stage meets the specifications for professional theatre plays. Orchestra pit: The orchestra pit has a capacity of 144 seats. Dressing rooms: The theatre has six spacious dressing rooms, two of which have their own WC with a shower, while the other four share a WC with a shower. Staging area next to the stage: Next to the stage and the dressing rooms there is a staging area with a surface of 70 square meters and a height of 6 meters. The space may be used in other ways. Public areas: There is a spacious foyer, a snack bar and toilets with direct access for the public.

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