The Department undertakes all types of works for the School, i.e. submission of proposals, program preparation, compilation of necessary studies, holding¬ tenders, assigning and supervising the preparation of studies, call of interest for projects, conclusion of construction contracts, correspondence for technical works and keeping a record, repair and maintenance of the equipment and building facilities, repair and¬ maintenance of electromechanical and plumping installations and infrastructures and the procurement of the materials necessary for said¬ works, operation of a store for consumable or not materials, E/M and other materials, the preparation of programs for the creation, setting up and maintenance¬ of green areas in the School’s premises.

Deputy Head: Fotis Stathatos, tel. 2108838130, Fax: 210 8838 101, email: 210 8838 130
Nikolaos Lolos, tel. 210 8838 160 210 8838 130, email: 210 8838 130
Foteini Vetta, tel. 210 8838 160 210 8838 130 email: 210 8838 130

Address: 39 Ioulianou Street, Athens 10433